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Primary Care services in Dublin, VA at Pulaski Internal Medicine

Experts in Adult Primary Care Services for Dublin, Virginia

A doctor that is your first line of treatment for most people is known as the primary care physician. A primary care doctor, also referred to as a PCP, is the first contact a patient may have for diagnosing a health problem and provides continuing care for many health issues. Your primary care doctor is also the one that will refer you to a specialist or a different doctor. The best time to visit your primary care doctor is when you are feeling well. Regular check up by your primary care physician can help keep you in good health and can detect any undiagnosed medical problems. A physician that is trained in internal medicine and/or family medicine would be a great PCP choice. At Pulaski Internal Medicine we have several options for a new patient looking for as new PCP. At Pulaski Internal Medicine are goal is to prevent health problems before they start by offering well visits to all of our clients. When looking for your next primary care doctor, visit the experts at Pulaski Internal Medicine for all of your health care needs. Call for our next available appointment at (540) 674-4914.

Qualified Options for Primary Care Services at Pulaski Internal Medicine

A General Internist is Board-Certified and trained in providing primary care for patients over the age of 18. Our qualified General Internists are qualified to meet your changing health care need as you move through adulthood.
The Family Physicians at Pulaski Internal Medicine are qualified to care for an entire family for everyday health issues and are also trained in OB-GYN services.
A nurse with an advanced degree is a Nurse Practitioner. The nurse practitioners at Pulaski Internal Medicine work under a doctor to perform physical exams, diagnose and manage diseases, write prescriptions, coordinate referrals and more.
A Physician Assistant is qualified to be your primary care under the direction of a doctor. Our physician assistants are trained on how to take medical histories, perform physical exams, and diagnose and manage diseases.

Why Choose a Primary Care Physician from Pulaski Internal Medicine

Making a doctors appointment when you are not feeling well is easy, it’s remembering to make an appointment for yearly check-ups, when you are feeling well. A yearly check up by your primary care physician can also help with preventive care by spotting health problems before they make you sick. When having a physical exam your PCP will also focus on symptoms that are linked to chronic health issues, so you can get back to doing the things you love. At Pulaski Internal Medicine, our staff strives to make a visit to the doctor about more than just having a checkup or treating a health problem. We want to make it about having a relationship with your health care provider so you can feel a high level of comfort.

More Than Just A Primary Care Service at Pulaski Internal Medicine

When you make Pulaski Internal Medicine your health care home, you get more than just a PCP. We provide health care prevention, management of chronic illness or referral for specialty care, we take the time to listen and learn about you. Providers at Pulaski Internal Medicine work closely with specialties, to ensure you get the specific care you need. We also offer care that fits your schedule. With convenient hours in and around the Dublin area, booking an appointment and getting to the doctor is easier.