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Medical Services Offered at
Pulaski Internal Medicine

Wellness, Diabetes, Hypertension, & Other Adult/Senior Health Services

Most conditions can be diagnosed and treated at our office

Pulaski Internal Medicine specializes in medical care for adults and seniors alike, especially those suffering from common and seasonal ailments, diabetes, hypertension, and other general health conditions.

The medical services we offer are the most dependable and effective in Dublin, and our experienced doctor and staff is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest level of care available. Most conditions encountered by adults and seniors can be diagnosed and treated right here at our office in Pulaski County for both the convenience and confidence of our patients.

Services and Medical Insurance

We are able to draw blood work on site, and have it analyzed by Labcorp for the quickest and most efficient diagnosis for our patients. We perform on-site nebulizer treatments, respiratory testing, auditory canal disimpaction, flu testing, urinalysis, as well as many injections and vaccinations. Pulaski Internal Medicine accepts most major insurance plans for our patients’ convenience, and are more than happy to discuss payment options with you!

We accept most major
insurance plans, and are
more than happy to
discuss payment options
with you

Electronic Health Record & Patient Health Record Capabilities


We utilize Electronic
Medical Records

Our fully functional Electronic Health Record maintains updated information regarding current medication lists, vaccinations, and encounters. Additionally, patients who have elected to use Patient Fusion, a very special feature of our EHR, have the ability to access certain aspects of their medical record from the convenience of their own computer with internet access! Patients must ask for this free service, which is password protected and secure.

Pulaski Internal Medicine is dedicated to the welfare of its patients, and is committed to offering the medical health and wellness care they need. For any questions, comments, concerns or inquiries, please call our office and allow our friendly and experienced staff to assist you today!